Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

New features for more safety

Overheating wireless chargers? 

I received some mails from people complaining about the "tylt Qi wireless charger" overheating their Nexus 5 devices. I love the idea of wireless chargers but did not buy any yet, cause they are quite expensive. Hearing more and more rumours about wireless chargers overheating android smartphones made me implement some small new features for Temperature Guard.
android temperature app  review
A "random" Temperature Guard
Review from a Tylt Vu charger customer.

Force Sound Alarm 

Inside the newest Preferences Screen you can see the option "Force sound". This will warn you when your device overheats even if your smartphone is set to silent mode. After the notification you have to set your phone to silent again.
android nexus 5 temperature
Temperature Guard

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