android temperature warning

Protect your device with Temperature Guard

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android holo design

Holo Design and an Actionbar

Using ActionbarSherlock, this app features an Actionbar while it still supports android 2.1.

android battery health

Learn how to keep your battery healthy

Click on this article to read about battery temperature and how you can extend your batteries lifetime.

android battery health

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android battery warning

Use this app to prevent your android from overheating.

Travelling or Living in a hot region can be stress for your smartphone. Make sure to keep its battery cool.

android temperature guard warning

This app treats your system resources with care.

This app is constantly tested with various tools to ensure best quality by using little system resources.

Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

Russian Localization for Temperature Guard

After adding a translation for the french language, temperature guard will soon be available in russian! Thanks to xrizantema for translating the app to russian. Please wait 2-3 days for the update to be tested and released.
If you want to translate this app to your native language, please contact me, or just start translating it at

temperature guard russian
Temperature Guard in russian

temperature guard russian translation
The temperature guard menu in russian

Montag, 11. August 2014

List of supported devices

I am currently working on a way to create a list of best supported devices based on the user ratings and reviews left at the play store.

The following list of devices are either tested with Battery Temperature Guard Free or reviewed by users owning these devices and protecting their battery from overheating.Scroll through the list for your desired device or hit ctrl+f to search for it. Then click on its link to view the ratings and reviews.
There are a lot of users using the same device as you and having android battery problems. Check if Battery Temperature Guard Free can also help you!







Lenovo Mobile


Sony Ericsson







Toshiba Corporation

Micromax Informatics Ltd.







Kyocera Corporation









Barnes and Noble


Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications Limited

Sonntag, 10. August 2014

New Preferences Layout

With the growing featureset of Temperature Guard I was unsatisfied with the current preferences screen. After adding the ability to change the app theme, the temperature scale or added the cool led notification, the current preferences layout was full of options and even I always need a little bit to much time to find the setting I wanted to change. Thats why I cleaned the Temperature Guard Preferences screen in the latest version 2.6
When changing the temperature scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius or the other way, the app will not calculate the corresponding warning temperature automatically.

android temperature preferences
The main temperature guard preferences screen
The preferences are now split into several preferences screens. The first option Temperature Icon will open a new screen with the options for the temperature icon. The Permanent notification checkbox is new. When checked the temperature notification will remain when you clear all notifications.

android temperature icon
Temperature Icon Preferences Screen
When clicking on the first option "Show Temperature" you can select to always show the temperature, never show the temperature or just show the temperature when charging.
android temperature settings
Select when you want to see the temperature icon

All settings for the warning notification are now inside a custom preferences screen. You will reach them by clicking on "Warning Notification" when on the main preferences. There is one new option. The insistent notification can now be customized. Some people complained that they cannot remove the insistent notification. As default, this setting is disabled, so the temperature notification will only notify you once. When checked, The notification will notify you until you swipe it.

android temperature warning preferences
Preferences for the warning notification

Sonntag, 3. August 2014

Android Temperature FAQ

Frequently asked questions

android temperature guard faq
The in-app FAQ Fragment

Android Battery Temperature Guard

How to customize the widget?

First add a widget to your homescreen. After this, open this app and select the widget fragment. Here you can use the slider to adjust the text size. Close the app and check your homescreen. The widget should now be updated. You probably need to adjust the Widget size. Do a long press on the widget and after this resize the widget to your desired size.

How to add a temperature widget to my android homescreen?

Watch this short youtube video to add a temperature widget to your android screen.

How i can resolve my battery problem of high temperature

When your phone gets too hot, you should put it out of the sun. Do not put it in a fridge. A ventilator can cool it down a little bit faster.
If your phone constantly gets too hot, you should replace the battery or contact your retailer for a replacement.

What is the best warning temperature to set?

The default warning temperature is set to 50 degrees celcius. Using a high end smartphone you should raise this value to about 55 degrees, cause new smartphones will get quite hot.
To keep your battery healthy and ensure a long life, try to keep it as chilled as possible.

How does the warning notification work?

You can configure the vibration and sound of the notification. Once the warning is triggered, it will vibrate until you swipe from top to bottom to open the android notification drawer.
You can test the notification if you open the preferences, scroll down and click on Test notification. This will fire a notification in five seconds.
Click here for a detailed description of the preferences fragments.

Are you having problems using this app on your device?

This app has been downloaded more then 40.000 times and is installed on more then 10.000 devices. I have collected user reviews from ~ 170 different devices by more then 20 manufactors. Check out this support list or this list if your device has been rated by a satisfied user. 

Temperature Guard Changelog

Latest Changes for Battery Temperature Guard

battery temperature guard changelog
The in-app changelog fragment

Version 3.4

  • Using Temperature Guard you can now also monitor the temperature of your wearable. An app will be automatically installed on your wearable app to monitor your phone temperature from your wearable.
  • You can now reset the database, export and import it. Some requested this feature cause it might be useful when you change your battery.
  • After you bought the premium upgrade, \'free\' will be removed from the in app title
  • API updates

Version 3.0

  • Added a turkish translation

Version 2.9

  • Added a new cool temperature and voltage widget
  • Updated French translation
  • Fixed two small bugs

Version 2.7

  • Some layout optimizations for tablets
  • Database redesign for more cool features to come soon
  • Added a russian translation,thanks to xrizantema

Version 2.6

  • Because a lot of users demanded this feature, you can now configure the warning notification type to be an insistent notification or a simple notification
  • Some users also wanted the feature to have a permantent temperature icon which cannot be removed. This feature is now a default setting. You can customize this inside the Temperature Icon preferences.
  • When switching between celsius and fahrenheit, the app will now convert your warning temperature to the new scale

Version 2.5

Version 2.4

- Added a FAQ Fragment
- Fixes some small bugs on various devices

Version 2.3

- Thanks proguard! With this update you will get about 200 kb free Storage on your device. :)

Version 2.2

- Migrated from ActionBarSherlock to AppCompat. This means this app will continue development and innovations for future android versions.
- Added a french translation (thx Cyrille)
 - You can now choose between Dark and Bright Theme

Version 2.1

- Added a small Temperature Widget
- Fixed multiple small bugs on various devices

Version 2.0

- Fixed vibrate bug on nexus 4
- If your device is set to silent, temperature guard will ignore this setting and warn you with a alarm sound. You can customize this in the Preferences.

Version 1.9

- The ongoing temperature notification can be set to:
Show always, Show when charging, Show never
- Fixed layout for tablets
- Fixed some small Live Diagram bugs
- LED will flash on warning if available