android temperature warning

Protect your device with Temperature Guard

Check out the other slides to learn more about this app.

android holo design

Holo Design and an Actionbar

Using ActionbarSherlock, this app features an Actionbar while it still supports android 2.1.

android battery health

Learn how to keep your battery healthy

Click on this article to read about battery temperature and how you can extend your batteries lifetime.

android battery health

Download for free at the amazon app store.

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android battery warning

Use this app to prevent your android from overheating.

Travelling or Living in a hot region can be stress for your smartphone. Make sure to keep its battery cool.

android temperature guard warning

This app treats your system resources with care.

This app is constantly tested with various tools to ensure best quality by using little system resources.

Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Features of Battery Temperature Guard

Features of Battery Temperature Guard

android temperature warning
Android temperature warning

Monitor your battery temperature all the time

This app will monitor the temperature of your smartphone and will notify you, if a warning temperature is reached. If you are living in a hot area this app is a must to protect you from potentially exploding batteries.

*Update* Make sure to check the changelog for the latest features not mentioned on this page.

Configure the warning temperature notification

The warning notification is fully customizable to fit every needs. You can access it after tapping on the preferences button on the opper right. Inside the preferences you can activate or deactivate the temperature warning notification. As a default it is set to active. It is not recommended to switch the activation off. You should prefer to raise the warning temperature setting.

temperature guard settings
Temperature Guard Settings

You can also customize the notification sound and activate or deactivate vibrate on notification.

A hot battery temperature will significantly reduce your batteries life! Using this app you can try to extend your batteries life. Just try to always keep your device at a regular temperature and you might easily extend your batteries life.
android temperature monitoring
Monitoring the temperature

Switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit

You can quickly change the temperature scale inside the app. The default setting is Celsius. If you prefer Fahrenheit just tap on the preferences icon on the upper right. 
Inside the Configuration Menu you have to select the first Element currently labeled "Celsius". This first Element will always display your current temperature scale setting. After tapping on it choose Fahrenheit from the Radiobutton List. The first Element will now be labeled Fahrenheit. 
Make sure to adjust your warning temperature.
temperature warning fahrenheit
Changing the temperature scale on an android tablet

Main features of this app:
  • Monitoring & Logging of your battery temperature
  • Warning Notification if a specified temperature is reached.
  • Fancy Holo Design
  • Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit as preferred temperature scale
  • Ads (get Battery Temperature Guard Pro to get rid of ads)

Help me translate this app

android temperature warning
Battery Temperature Guard in greman

Translate Battery Temperature Guard

Hello. Battery Temperature Guard currently only supports two languages. German and English.

If you would like to use Temperature Guard in your native language, contact me and you can help me to translate the app. Its quite simple, you have to invest like 30 Minutes.

Thanks a lot.

Check out this blogpost how you can help me to translate!

Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Battery Temperature and how it affects the Battery Life

Temperature effects on Lithium-based batteries

smartphone battery explodes
The worst case:
An overheated and exploded lithium-based battery
While working on my latest app "Battery Temperature Guard" I learned a lot of new stuff about smartphones, batteries and of course Lithium-Based Batteries. These are the kinds of batteries used in most modern smartphones, notebooks and mp3-players.
A lithium-based Battery is quite a cool thing, cause it can recharge very fast and doesn't have the common memory effect known from old batteries.
This article is quite interesting to learn more about lithium-based batteries and how you can increase your battery life.

To keep your battery healthy follow their instructions:

A partial discharge reduces stress and prolongs battery life. Elevated temperature and high currents also affect cycle life.
Elevated temperature hastens capacity loss. The capacity cannot be restored. Not all Li-ion systems behave the same. 

Battery temperature and battery health

As you can clearly see in this listing, the battery capacity is constantly influenced by the battery temperature. If your battery is always above a level of 40°C your battery will loss its capacity quickly and will have limited capacity after a few month. In this example it is 65% less! That is more then a half!
battery health temperature

How to keep the battery healthy 

There are a few tricks to do this.
battery temperature guard
Keep in mind: A cool battery is a healthy battery!

  • Try not to use your smartphone in direct sun. If possible go to a area covered by a shadow. This will dramatically decrease the smartphones temperature
  • Don't put your smartphone on a table in the plain sun. Cover it with something!
  • Get the free app Battery Temperature Guard which will notify you when your battery reaches a critical limit. So you can quickly react and let your smartphone cool down. Click here how to use Battery Temperature Guard.
  • Don't forget. Battery Temperature Guard might also reduce the risk of exploding batteries :)

Android App Temperature Guard now features Fahrenheit and Celsius Support

android temperature scale
Choose your desired temperature scale

Temperature Guard Version 1.3 has just been released in google play Store and Amazon App Store.

You can use Temperature Guard to monitor your android devices temperature. The newest version features some small ui improvements and the possibility to change your desired temperature scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

To change the temperature scale, click on the preferenes button on the upper right of the app. In the Preferences you can tap on Temperature Scale Celsius to choose another temperature scale. To Download the free app from amazon app store, follow this link: Temperature Guard at the amazon play store.
android temperatur warning
Temperature Guard Pro
available at the play store

Temperature Guard Pro

If you like this app you can buy the pro Version of Temperature Guard for a buck. The pro version does only differ from the free by not loading any ad banners. So if you don't like ads or would like to support a developer, get the pro version at google play or amazon app store.
Buy Temperature Guard Pro
 at amazon app store

Buy Temperature Guard Pro
at google play store

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