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Android Temperature Widget

Android Temperature Widgets

Battery Temperature Guard 2.8 currently features two different widgets. If you are missing a special widget, or if you are missing a feature, please contact me. You can read the changelog with the latest news for the app here. If you are having any problems with this app, please read the FAQ about Battery Temperature first. After this, feel free to contact me :)

The temperature widget

This widget will show you the current device temperature of your android smartphone. When tapping on the widget, it will open the app Battery Temperature Guard. You can customize Celsius and Fahrenheit scale. To customize the textsize of the widget, please follow this guide.

android device temperature
Android device temperature Widget

The battery details Widget

This widget features three flat icons for each temperature, voltage and battery level of your smartphone. The battery level indicator icon will present the charging state of your battery in percent or a charging icon when charging. 
android battery widget
Battery Widget from Battery Temperature Guard

How to add a Widget to your homescreen?

This depends on your android version. The workflow is a little bit different.

On Android version 2.2/2.3

  • Go to your Homescreen
  • Do a long click or press menu and choose "add"
  • Choose Widgets
  • Scroll down and choose the widget you want to add

On Android version 3.+

  • Go to your Homescreen
  • Do a long click or press the "+" Button
  • Choose Widgets
  • Search your widget and add it

On Android version 4.+

  • Go to your Homescreen
  • Open the App Drawer
  • Choose Widgets
  • Search your widget and add it

Latest Android

Follow these instructions to add a widget

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