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Features of Battery Temperature Guard

Features of Battery Temperature Guard

android temperature warning
Android temperature warning

Monitor your battery temperature all the time

This app will monitor the temperature of your smartphone and will notify you, if a warning temperature is reached. If you are living in a hot area this app is a must to protect you from potentially exploding batteries.

*Update* Make sure to check the changelog for the latest features not mentioned on this page.

Configure the warning temperature notification

The warning notification is fully customizable to fit every needs. You can access it after tapping on the preferences button on the opper right. Inside the preferences you can activate or deactivate the temperature warning notification. As a default it is set to active. It is not recommended to switch the activation off. You should prefer to raise the warning temperature setting.

temperature guard settings
Temperature Guard Settings

You can also customize the notification sound and activate or deactivate vibrate on notification.

A hot battery temperature will significantly reduce your batteries life! Using this app you can try to extend your batteries life. Just try to always keep your device at a regular temperature and you might easily extend your batteries life.
android temperature monitoring
Monitoring the temperature

Switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit

You can quickly change the temperature scale inside the app. The default setting is Celsius. If you prefer Fahrenheit just tap on the preferences icon on the upper right. 
Inside the Configuration Menu you have to select the first Element currently labeled "Celsius". This first Element will always display your current temperature scale setting. After tapping on it choose Fahrenheit from the Radiobutton List. The first Element will now be labeled Fahrenheit. 
Make sure to adjust your warning temperature.
temperature warning fahrenheit
Changing the temperature scale on an android tablet

Main features of this app:
  • Monitoring & Logging of your battery temperature
  • Warning Notification if a specified temperature is reached.
  • Fancy Holo Design
  • Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit as preferred temperature scale
  • Ads (get Battery Temperature Guard Pro to get rid of ads)

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You could also add alarms for the battery voltage (to high or to low).

Hi Greg.
Thanks for this idea. I will add this to the feature request list!

What exactly is to high as battery temperature? On my n7000 it often exceeds 40˚C... Especially if I use it in my car to navigate and listen to music etc.

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