Sonntag, 10. August 2014

New Preferences Layout

With the growing featureset of Temperature Guard I was unsatisfied with the current preferences screen. After adding the ability to change the app theme, the temperature scale or added the cool led notification, the current preferences layout was full of options and even I always need a little bit to much time to find the setting I wanted to change. Thats why I cleaned the Temperature Guard Preferences screen in the latest version 2.6
When changing the temperature scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius or the other way, the app will not calculate the corresponding warning temperature automatically.

android temperature preferences
The main temperature guard preferences screen
The preferences are now split into several preferences screens. The first option Temperature Icon will open a new screen with the options for the temperature icon. The Permanent notification checkbox is new. When checked the temperature notification will remain when you clear all notifications.

android temperature icon
Temperature Icon Preferences Screen
When clicking on the first option "Show Temperature" you can select to always show the temperature, never show the temperature or just show the temperature when charging.
android temperature settings
Select when you want to see the temperature icon

All settings for the warning notification are now inside a custom preferences screen. You will reach them by clicking on "Warning Notification" when on the main preferences. There is one new option. The insistent notification can now be customized. Some people complained that they cannot remove the insistent notification. As default, this setting is disabled, so the temperature notification will only notify you once. When checked, The notification will notify you until you swipe it.

android temperature warning preferences
Preferences for the warning notification

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