android temperature warning

Protect your device with Temperature Guard

Check out the other slides to learn more about this app.

android holo design

Holo Design and an Actionbar

Using ActionbarSherlock, this app features an Actionbar while it still supports android 2.1.

android battery health

Learn how to keep your battery healthy

Click on this article to read about battery temperature and how you can extend your batteries lifetime.

android battery health

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android battery warning

Use this app to prevent your android from overheating.

Travelling or Living in a hot region can be stress for your smartphone. Make sure to keep its battery cool.

android temperature guard warning

This app treats your system resources with care.

This app is constantly tested with various tools to ensure best quality by using little system resources.

Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Memory Usage of Temperature Guard

I recently got a review for Temperature Guard from a guy complaining about too high memory usage. The review is in german, so I will not post it here. Well he complains that this app uses 250 mb of his smartphones memory, so he uninstalled it.
I was a little bit shocked and investigated this case. Temperature Guard Free & Pro will use about 30-75 mb of your memory, what is quite okay in my opinion.
temperature guard memory
Memory usage of Temperature Guard

Another thing about memory usage of apps is, that memory is made to be used. Unused memory is worthless. The android subsystem will handle memory usage, garbage collection and many more.

Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

Temperature Guard 2.5

android temperature widget
Android Temperature Widget

Version 2.5 for Temperature Guard Free & Temperature Guard Pro has been released.

New features:

  • A new Battery Statistics Fragment has been added
  • Changed default warning temperature to 50 °C
  • You can now customize the widget textsize

android temperature monitor
The new temperature statistics

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Latest review for android temperature app

temperature guard review
Temperature Guard app rating
From time to time I get to the play store and check the reviews I get for my apps. Today I read 4-5 real bad reviews about people complaining with strange problems about my apps. After this I had a lot of short 4-5 star reviews. Maybe 10 or 15.

And then I got this review of a guy :)

app review