Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2013

Christmas Release of Temperature Guard

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The newest release of Temperature Guard for your android device features some new cool features.

New Features:
# A better, bigger and zoomable diagram
# Notification Icon which will always show you the current temperature of your battery
# You can now remove the ads with in app billing!

A better, bigger and zoomable diagram

I migrated the diagram of Temperature Guard from androidplot to a new, smaller and better library called GraphView. With this new Diagram you can zoom inside the Temperature History with your fingers.

Control your battery temperature

As you can see on the upper screenshot, Temperature Guard can now display the current Temperature inside of the Android Notification Bar. This way you always have control about your batteries temperature. On the lower screenshot you can see the full Temperature Notification.

The new Temperature Notification 
Inside the Temperature Preferences you can deactivate the Notification Icon.

Temperature Guard Settings

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