Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Android App Temperature Guard now features Fahrenheit and Celsius Support

android temperature scale
Choose your desired temperature scale

Temperature Guard Version 1.3 has just been released in google play Store and Amazon App Store.

You can use Temperature Guard to monitor your android devices temperature. The newest version features some small ui improvements and the possibility to change your desired temperature scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

To change the temperature scale, click on the preferenes button on the upper right of the app. In the Preferences you can tap on Temperature Scale Celsius to choose another temperature scale. To Download the free app from amazon app store, follow this link: Temperature Guard at the amazon play store.
android temperatur warning
Temperature Guard Pro
available at the play store

Temperature Guard Pro

If you like this app you can buy the pro Version of Temperature Guard for a buck. The pro version does only differ from the free by not loading any ad banners. So if you don't like ads or would like to support a developer, get the pro version at google play or amazon app store.
Buy Temperature Guard Pro
 at amazon app store

Buy Temperature Guard Pro
at google play store

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